The King

The greedy king

had only eyes for money

and all the golden things

the duchess and duke

gave him a nice, golden ring

but nothing was ever enough

for the greedy king

so the Queen gave him a crown

golden and glistening

but still, the king had a frown

satisfaction diminishing

he was offered

an even larger crown

the biggest one in the royal town

and he took it in a snatch

and  placed it on his head

never to take off

even wore it to bed

a precious gold

with glimmering stones

and yet he desired even more

so a ceremony was arranged

guests presenting

what they had in store

as he sat on his royal chair

his head began to feel weak

and everyone began to stare

they watched as his crown

consumed his head

blood beginning to spread

he struggled on the floor

this crown he wanted no more

but no one did anything

they simply watched him die

in the loveliest courtyard

’tis the season of the new graveyard











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