Black Forest

Have you ever set foot on a black forest?

Everything black against the deep blue sky

blackbirds and black thoughts ascend up high

black tree trunks

black leaves

and even black butterflies

I saw a black thought dangling from a tree

and very quickly it fell down on me

It crawled up my spine

and slithered into my brain

And as I left the forest

I forgot to do one thing

to deliver my black soul












I Came to a Sudden Realization

that I like good-hearted men

that I like good-hearted women

I’m intrigued by good samaritans

I’m intrigued by friendly strangers

I like people with friendly smiles

I like people without anger

I like the idea of innocence

I like sweet boys and girls

I like conversing with the angels

I like the idea of corrupting

each and every one of them




A dead man’s attire fits me like a glove

I find tranquility as I watch the ground meet the dove

Normality irks me as roses do

I’d rather watch them decay

and to kindness, I turn away

I hate the sound of a human sing

I’d rather hear it cry or scream

Don’t show me the living

That’ll make my skin crawl

Let’s go to the Underworld

I’m sure you’ll have a ball



Friday the 13th

Yes, I know. How can I say I am a horror fan without watching every horror film out there? Regardless, I have watched many horror films from different times.

Psycho is hands down an excellent film. Anything earlier than that I probably regret to say I haven’t watched. But I’ll get there eventually. I am a ’90s kid (bearly) so I pretty much grew up watching early 2000 films.

I remember watching whatever I could get my hands on:  the thirteen ghosts, the grudge, wrong turn, saw, hills have eyes (remake), texas chainsaw massacre (remake), the insidious franchise, the ring, final destination, paranormal activity, dawn of the dead, 30 days of night, the ruins. These are the films I grew up watching. And at the time, I didn’t label myself as a horror fan, I simply gravitated towards these films but never gave it a second thought.

Yes, I remember going to blockbuster with my siblings. Those were the times.

Now, I obviously want to go back and track every horror movie in existence starting with the history of cinema. But that will take time.

As a child, the only classics I remember watching were child’s play and the exorcist.  I don’t remember how I reacted but there was one scene I would never forget from the exorcist.  I’ll just say it involves some stairs and I’ll leave it at that.

As I’ve grown older I’ve seen the hailed classics of the ’70s and ’80s: Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, Scream, Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

But there’s many more on the list that I must watch…

But my review for today is on Friday the 13th (1980), a film I wish I could speak with the same respect, but simply can’t.

I really don’t know why so many people like this film. Why do horror fans all around the world give it so much praise? Is it simply because it was part of a horror wave that thrilled movie-watchers everywhere, or was the movie itself something unprecedented in the horror film realm?

Let me outline why I think this film wasn’t that great–for me anyways.

Firstly, I’ve heard some people give credit to this film because of its creative kills and the gory.  Sure, fair enough. I’ve never seen someone get slashed right at the throat from the posterior.  That caught me off guard. But I’m sorry, with or without these so-called ‘creative kills’, this film still sucked.

I found this film not even remotely suspenseful.  I think it has a lot to do with the fact that the killer is always in p.o.v, so we never actually see him. You would think this would create suspense, but for me, it had a quite opposite effect.

And when we finally reason who “Jason” really is, the film drags so much in regards to killing the last character.

I don’t even recall seeing Jason Vorhees with his hockey mask at any time in the film. And  I also felt like most of the film was focused on the sexual rather than the horror.

Do I care for the twist? Not really.

Do I care about the film? Not really.

I do like Jason Vorhees as a killer with his mask and all but I think this is more of remake phenomena since I don’t recall ever seeing Jason with his mask in this version. I don’t know I just didn’t like how the story played out.

I guess I can appreciate the film only for the fact that it helped keep the slasher subgenre very much alive.

And it still has a cult following til this day, but frankly, I think it’s because of Jason Voorhees as an icon, not the film.










Can I have your Credit Card?

I need your credit card to buy a few things

I promise I’ll pay you back

don’t worry it won’t sting

I can pay you back double

for I’m in a bit of trouble

I just need it now

let me tell you why and just how

I need to buy a witch

they are on sale

I need to buy a ghost

one that’s really pale

I need to buy a killer

one that leaves no trails

I promise I’ll pay you back

but please don’t tell