The Ugliest of Breeds

It feeds, with greed.

Devours with speed.

Humans it needs.

For blood it pleads.

It’s a zombie, indeed.

The ugliest of breeds.

done the ugliest of deeds.





(Shout out to The Rendezvous Club for inspiring me with her post titled “Zombies”)



Dead Gone

So long.

You are dead gone.

Something better came along.

It’s fresher.




And it came just for me.

But it will see no tomorrow.

Because I will devour it.

That little child.

So long.

Be gone.



The Scariest Thing My Psychology Teacher Told Me

Anyone can make a great killer.”

Now, great in this context does not mean great as in good, it means bad–really bad.

Some are born with the instinctual pleasure to kill, others grow into it for one simple reason: condition (of course, this will never justify it).

I knew a man once, and for the sake of anonymity, let’s call him Jim.

Jim was a really nice man. He was an excellent teacher, a frequent church-goer, and a fantastic dad.

He’s that guy you could count on for anything, always at all the soccer games and school fundraisers.

But one day he got fired for the most trivial of things.

The next day, he and his wife were evicted from their apartment.

Then, his son fell ill due to a rare disorder and immediately passed away.

Soon after, he found out his wife was having an affair.

And suddenly he was left not only broke but broken-hearted.

These were the conditions he faced–unfortunate, yet real.

What he did next was deplorable on so many levels and never justifiable.

First, he killed his wife and his wife’s lover. Axe.

Second, he killed two of his teacher friends. Gun.

Third, he killed the principal. Knife.

Fourth, he killed his landlord. Hammer.

And for the fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth, he killed a stranger in the dark of the night who happened to stumble across his path. He used a variation of weapons.

Of course, now he’s in prison. I think they call him the deadly mourner.

Perhaps in another life he’ll be forgiven, but surely not in this one.

How To Get Rid of a Ghost

  1. Sprinkle holy water (yes, be generous) in each corner of every room.
  2. Don’t keep doors, windows, and closets open for too long (As i’ve mentioned before, this invites them in).
  3. Politely ask it to leave, but if that doesn’t work, you must be assertive.
  4. Ignore their presence. Once they realize they have no power over you and that you couldn’t care less, they might get bored and move on(ghosts are attention seekers).
  5. Pray to the Lord.