Flash Fiction- Thunder

One late night during a winter storm, I was cuddling with my girlfriend by the fire.

The thunder was calling out to me.

“Kill her now. My roar will disguise her screams.”

It roared even louder.

I turned to look at my girlfriend as she slept.

Suddenly I realized how much I hated her.


My Mother’s Body

My mother once told me

that spirits are lost beings

if they shall ever

communicate with me

give them a chance

and listen to their pleas

they once roamed this earth

and were human like me

when a spirit told me

it wished to find peace

I helped it

break free

but there’s just

one problem


I think it found



my mother’s body

Empty Hallway

I like when you used to

caress my hair

just like

when we were young

and in love

I remember those times

we spent hours

dancing in the moonlight

you held me so tight

everything was just right

now we are left

bitter and cold

simply voices bickering

in the empty hallway

fallen out of love

out of life

simply two ghosts

walking in the night

no spark, no light






Repost: The Clown

As I was treading along the forest I couldn’t help but notice it just standing there: A clown.

That, and it was grinning.

After nervously chuckling, I waved it goodbye.
And for some reason, I had the urge to tell somebody about this clown and his out-of-placeness.

I mean, it wasn’t even Halloween.
So when I stopped at the first house in sight, I rang the doorbell only to be welcomed by two other clowns and that same devilish grin.

Oh, hell no.

I dashed into an empty store, but everyone was gone–except the cashier who apparently was also one of them.

“How’s that makeup holding on?” he shouted.
I turned to the window to see my reflection.

But I couldn’t believe my eyes.

All this time, I too had been a clown.