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I am very honored that Nthato Morakabi from A-Scribe To Describe nominated me to participate in the Writers Tag, started by Lorraine Ambers and Ari Meghlen.

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The Writer Tag has the following prerequisites so other bloggers can link back to each other and we can all see how other authors answer the questions. So here we go:

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Many thanks to Nthato Morakni for nominating me. I enjoyed reading your responses.

Name one novel that inspired you to write.

It’s quite embarrassing to admit this, but I never really was an avid reader. I wasn’t glued to books growing up. Now, I certainly read more often than I use to but still am not always reading (I should though).  So it was never a book that inspired me to write. Films, on the other hand are something that have always intrigued me. It was a particular film that inspired me to write.

Let me explain.

After watching Bryan Bertino’s The Strangers for the second time, I was absolutely hooked to the point that I wish there was a sequel. At the time, there wasn’t. Of course, now there is. And I still I have yet to watch it. That’s besides the point.

After realizing that there was no sequel, I became disappointed and sort of just kept thinking to myself, what would make a good sequel? What would it be about?

Who would be the characters?

At the time, I didn’t even know what a screenplay was. I just got a notepad and began writing a story with dialogue.

What I came up with was an embarrassingly unoriginal copy of the first film. So, I gave up, put it away, and never finished it.

No, I’m not the screenwriter that wrote the Strangers: Prey at Night. I could have been though if I had finished my story.

Still, I think someone had already written and sold the sequel by the time I was merely thinking about it.

This was when my writing journey began.

Note: I am not an established screenwriter. Screenwriting is still new to me, and I have only written one screenplay. I haven’t pitched it to anybody mainly because I’m in the process of revising it before I send it in.

My screenplay is practically non-existent. But that’s okay, I have hope that one day I’ll be discovered.

Also, I don’t plan on showing any agents my work until I have written more stuff and honed my craft.

What’s your favorite genre to write and read?

Horror without a doubt.

Creating that suspenseful, eerie atmosphere on paper is really intriguing and reading it is too.

Do you prefer to write stand-alone or series?

I mainly write stand-alone. It’s easier. I wouldn’t mind delving into a series, but as of the moment, I basically do stand alone (Feature screenplays are usually stand-alone).

Use 3 words to describe yourself.

Lonely (I like to spend time alone. I find it rather blissful)

Creative (self-explanatory)

Friendly (Whenever I tell people I write dark stuff. They are like How? Why? You? Let me tell  you something. I may have a pretty face and a friendly demeanor, but you are dead wrong if you think I should only be into light-hearted stuff…)

Reveal your WIP aesthetics or an image that represents your MC or setting.


How long did your first MS take to draft?

A couple months ago I completed my very first feature screenplay (about 100 pages). I began with an outline in late June and after lots of rewriting, completed it in August.

I probably did some more minor changes in September and am waiting on my friends to read it and give me feedback to make some last final changes…

Who is your author idol?

Again, I haven’t read many novels. However, I remember reading a novel by Shirley Jackson and fell in love with her writing –The Haunting of Hill House.

Share a writing memory that made you determined to carry on.

Like I’ve said before, I have always been intrigued by horror films. And when I watched the Strangers, found the script so simple and terrifying and thought to myself, if he can write that, I can too.

Ever since that moment, I’ve been analyzing horror films over and over not only learning from them but also criticizing them, asking myself, how could this have been written better?

Tell us something surprising or unique about yourself.

I struggle with anxiety though I hide it really well. Perhaps this channels my dark ideas. Who knows. Then again, who doesn’t struggle with anxiety? So this is not really a unique thing about me. It may be surprising because I look calm and collected.

Share the hardest part about being a writer and how you overcame it.

Fear that my work lacks originality. I really don’t pay much attention when people don’t like my work.

I truly, write for myself. I play on my own fears and write what scares me and intrigues me. But if someone says “we’ve seen that before.” It sort of irritates me. I mean, there is only so much you can do with horror.

Of course many elements–the haunted house, the monster, the killer– you’ve already seen before. It’s more so about using the same concepts/themes but in a different/unique way. 

What’s your favorite social media and why? Share your link.

I like Instagram and WordPress.

Though I like WordPress more because my posts can be longer.

Share some uplifting wisdom in six words or less.

Dream it, then manifest it. (It took me so long to finally figure out writing is what I love. I’ve only been writing creatively for less than a year–if that. Find what you love and revolve your whole life around it).

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Thank you for reading my blog! Until next time!


9 thoughts on “Get To Know Me #Writers Tag

  1. Hi! I loved reading this. I am also a writer who never really read books growing up. I always had too many thoughts running through my head to pay attention long enough. Great answers!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Same as you, I got into writing because I loved movies so much! I knew I wanted to create fantastical things that would chill and thrill people just like the movies. My favorite genres to write are horror and fantasy. 🙂


      2. I have not tried my hand at screenwriting, although my writing style probably sounds very much like a screenplay. You know, I’ve noticed that a lot of modern fiction feels more like reading a screenplay than a novel. Like, I could see so many books being made into movies because that’s just the way they are written these days; heavy on dialogue and visual descriptions as opposed to philosophical ideas, internal quandaries, and storytelling.

        If you compare a book like The Club Dumas (which, yes, they made a movie of) to The Hunger Games (which also has a movie), both books read very differently despite the fact that both were made into movies. This could be because The Hunger Games is a YA fiction. But idk, I just think the fundamental set up of older novels is different. Like, most modern authors write in hopes that their books will be translated to the big screen, whereas older writers just wrote their works to be books and nothing more.
        Sorry, I’m rambling. Shutting up now! xD

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Yep. Screenwriting for me was not natural mainly because I do like to include the character’s internal thoughts and these do not translate well on screen. But the more you do the more you learn. 🙂


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