The Nonhuman Thing


She watched as the figure slowly escaped into the darkness.
Then again it reappeared, but this time it hastily paced backed and forth from the street to the sidewalk.
Her eyes followed its movements.

The figure was much too far for her to make out exactly what it was, but it surely had a human form. What was it doing?
Again, the figure continued to pace back and forth from the sidewalk onto the street. This went on for some long minutes, but suddenly it stopped.

It just stood there frozen for some long seconds. It knew it was being watched.

She knew it was watching her.

She glared at it with intrigue as it just stood there. From the corner of her eye, she could make out some flashing lights, the headlights of a bus. It didn’t even glance at the direction of the approaching bus.

The figure still was fixed on her.
Now the bus was approaching at a faster speed, but the figure remained situated on the street. It continued to watch her. The girl became distressed and began to loudly bang her window to get the figure to move out of the way.

It was all too late.

The bus had already run it over. She gaped at the sight. The events that followed were even more perplexing. The figure gradually arose from the ground as if nothing had happened.

Nothing at all.

It returned to the same hauntingly, calculated movements of pacing back and forth and back and forth. Just as she was about to march outside, the figure stopped and watched her.

It was still alive. Or was it? Or could it be that from the start it never really was alive?
She locked the door and closed the blinds.

That was the first time she witnessed what she seemingly thought was an ordinary human take the form of a nonhuman thing.

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