The Thing

Today she woke feeling very strange and uglier than usual.

She has always been troubled by the way her body looks.

And those extra pounds didn’t help her self-image.

Bigger calves, bigger hips, bigger belly.

One important thing to note is that she missed her period.

It has been two weeks now and her belly grows quicker and quicker.

She can’t recall whether she had unprotected sex.

She’s not ready to be a responsible adult, let alone a mom. Hell, she can’t even take care of herself.

Deep inside her belly something moved.

She placed her hand on her stomach and couldn’t help but smile.

“It just feels wonderful,” she told her mother.

Her mother fully supported her.

She’s that kind of mom that stands behind her kids no matter what they’ve done. That’s the kind of mom every kid needs these days.

Things took a really odd turn when her ex, Billy was sure they hadn’t had sex that Saturday night.

“We haven’t had sex since the last time we were together. That was a year ago.”

Fucking asshole, she thought.

If he doesn’t want to admit it, that’s fine. I don’t need him.

But things got ever more stranger when no baby had been detected in the ultrasound.

“I’ve never seen anything like this,” said the doctor.

“I know I’m not just fat. I’m pregnant,” she said.

She placed his hand firmly on her belly

“Something really moves inside. I’m not crazy. Don’t you feel that?”

Now she lied before the doctor in the delivery room.

It was hurting her, really bad.

Whatever it was didn’t want to come out…

“TAKE IT OUT,” she growled as if possessed.

She lied there for hours screaming like a maniac. 

So she decided to take matters into her own hands.

Without a second thought, she shoved her right hand straight inside–deep inside.

She couldn’t reach it.

She couldn’t find it.

After taking out her hand, she stared at her bloody finger.

“Shit,” she cried.

The doctor trembled in the corner. Had he been a ghost, he would have passed through the walls into the other room.

“Get over here, you!”

She pointed at him with that ugly bloody finger.

“You’re getting this out of me.”

Then she began shaking.

Her eyes turned white, her arms and legs extending.

A bloody waterfall came flowing out of her mouth.

That little thing was climbing its way upwards…

It wanted to come out of her mouth!

She vomited puddle after puddle of blood onto her hands.

And it sounded like she was choking.

But eventually it crawled out of her mouth.

What a hideous thing!

A green, slimy little….


It enlarged ever so fast becoming something else…

Morphing into…

a human?

Then out the door it ran.

They hurried into the hallway but found it entirely empty.

It was as if nothing at all had happened.

The alien disguised as a human being had vanished.

Who would have ever known.

All this time they had been living among us!