When I sing

your bones













Flash Fiction- The Man with the Fedora

“Why is that man staring at us?” Jilly pointed at the man.

“Which one?” asked Ash.

“The one with the cane and the fedora,” replied Jilly.

“I can’t see him,” said Ash.

“There!” Jilly pointed at an empty corner in the store.

“I don’t see anyone,” said Ash.

The man was standing right in front of Jilly with a crooked smile.

In a flash, he took off his fedora and pulled out a knife.

Jilly ran out of the store screaming.

“Next time be quicker. She must be gone,” said Ash as she whispered to the man.

He nodded and then disappeared.





I fantasize about the moment

when your high spirits are drowned

when I take all the self-esteem

you own and throw it

to a pack of self-absorbed

starving wolves

I don’t ask the angels much

all I ask

is that they hang your

narcissistic presence on a tree

to let it rot and seep down


where flames travel

around and around






deserted I am

and somehow still

I stand

with no leaves

and no green radiance

Do you hear my heart?

it’s dying of thirst

because of you

but I don’t need your water

I don’t need your sun

I don’t need your air

I need to poison your heart

with my fruit

and although I am barren

I still have one small apple

just for you