Attention Seeker

Do you know what it feels

like when everyone walks past you?

When everyone

talks over you?

When no one gives you

their time of day?

I am invisibility at its finest.

I get not one glance in the slightest.

I am a walking ghost

passing through wall to wall.

I remember the first time

I saw you.

Your skin was glistening

under the summer sun.

How I wished to hold you close.

But to you I was nothing,

a piece of debris traveling

in the somber air,

a trash bag floating with

a merciless wind.

And then I saw you with her

blonde, blue eyes

the ones you prefer.

I’ve bought a new outfit

for me to wear.

I’ve put on some makeup

and done my hair.

Do you like how I drip

in your lover’s blood?

Do you like this new look
and the orange that I wear?

Just switch on the news.

You’ll see me I’m there.

What do you think of

my new, blonde hair?

Don’t worry these bars

are really not there.

May you let me ponder

one simple question.

Have I finally got your attention?

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