REPOST: Gloomy Sunday

I sit on the porch as the cold breeze presses on my lips

snowflakes scamper into the warmth of my cottage

the wolves howl in harmony, nature’s song

I release a heavy blow up my sleeves

a delicious warmth to my trembling body

but I don’t want to go to the comfort inside

Instead I watch the trees dance in the cold

I reckon they’ve longed for winter as I have

birds flap their wings, shaking off the ice

shivering in their nests, yet they continue to chime

they admire the way this winter freezes time

but then silence came

no howls, no birds, no songs

just me in the this lonely, cold afternoon

an even colder breeze shakes me up

this cold I feel down to my bones

and suddenly I’m put

my arms glued to this rocking chair

my feet joined the ground

winter freezes me

frost bite in my toes and fingers

and I begin to turn blue






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