My First Flash Fiction

Hi bloggers,

I was inspired by many talented bloggers with their flash fictions. Thus, I have decided to start writing some for my blog.

One of my favorite flash fiction writers is Mercury the Scribe. Check out her blog if you are looking for that dark stuff!!

I really enjoyed her flash fiction piece, She Shot Herself. It’s super short but has enough creepy to unsettle you.

Also, please check out Joanne the Geek.  She also writes great flash fictions. The spookier, the better! Enjoy reading Sea Mist.

Now, on to my own piece.

“Why are they putting us on buses?” asked a woman.

“Where are they taking us?” she continued.

Then they heard a speaker turn on.

The voice on the other end was not human.

It was monstrous.

“We are taking you to concentration camps,” it said.

The bus rang with chaos.


“WHY?” everyone panicked.

Then they heard a devilish laugh.

“Because you are Americans.”






6 thoughts on “My First Flash Fiction

  1. Ohhh unsettling. That can actually become a reality. I can’t imagine what it must have felt like being brought to camps. Like when they locked the Japanese Americans up because of WWII paranoia. So sad.

    Also, I’m so happy you are trying out flash fiction. I want to read more!~ Give me nightmares :3

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    1. That’s exactly what I wanted to do. Turn the tables on Americans. Don’t worry I’ve got more nightmares coming up. 🙂
      To be honest, I was sort on inspired to write this by the movie Us when Lupita says, “Because we’re Americans.”

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      1. I haven’t seen US yet because it kept selling out on discount day xDD And that’s awesome you got inspired! I love when that happens. A word, a smell, an action, anything can conjure beautifully terrifying tales.

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