The Village

What will you do


you enter

a village

that finds

your kind repulsing

what will you do


the townspeople

treat you with kindness

but have other plans in mind

what will you do

when these people

know not of morality

but only irrationality

trusting them was

your biggest mistake

there’s nothing you can do

once they burn you at the stake






8 thoughts on “The Village

      1. Ohhh that makes sense. actually read it a different way a first. Being black, it reminded me of lynchings and how people would give black people an indifferent reaction, only to bring their boys down at night with a noose…I think i got the image of a burning cross. I have a dark mind xD

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      2. Haha Yeah, this is why i’m the “black sheep” of the family. Also coming up with some twisted, dark thought xD! I can’t help it. I feel like you would understand that since you like horror as well.


      3. Yes. I understand! And it’s funny to think about. I’m such a normal and nice person so when people hear that I am obsessed with horror they are like what? Why? I’m tired of explaining why I have a dark mind. I just do!! 😀

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      4. Im too open about my darkness xD Im wearing a Junji Ito Diary of Curses sweater right now! Lol The whole mottot of my blog is to embrace the dark within us 🙂 I feel like we shouldnt have to be ashamed of liking stuff like that or explain ourselves to everyone x.x

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