It was supposed to be

the perfect day

I went in to bring

another part of me

into this world

a little me.

and though it was painful

I would redo it

every day of my life

for another

little me.

and then the worst

of all happened

an icy needle

piercing my deep interior

meticulous incisions

and then life was taken away

a part of me was taken away

without my consent

the white coat


the little me

and now I fear sleep

for all I see are

bloody dreams

and wake to

my body drenched in blood

my mind drenched in trauma

a hole drilled in my heart

and yet still I breathe



4 thoughts on “Sterilization

      1. That’s a close read. I like it. My intended message: A woman is forever traumatized by the fact that she can never give birth again because the doctor sterilized her without her consent.


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