Black Bird

a bird sits outside

my window

black like me

for I am a widow

and when it speaks

my heart skips a beat

it must be my husband

waiting for me

9 thoughts on “Black Bird

    1. I find your interpretation interesting. The way I see it is this: This widow cannot manage to live a life without her husband. It has come to a point where she sees or thinks she sees her husband. She imagines that he speaks to her. She imagines that he’s waiting for her. So I assume that she’ll take her life to join him in the afterlife. It certainly evokes quite a mixture of emotions. Could be sweet, also sad. And since we are possibly dealing with suicide here, I find it scary. Thanks again for commenting. 😀

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      1. I totally see what you mean. I believe I found it sweet because I don’t see Death in a negative way, I also don’t exactly disagree with suicide and also believe in reincarnation so in my eyes, her husband had actually come and she may or may not commit suicide but he is there to comfort her in her last days ❤
        Haha I think my soul is black like the bird


      2. I am quite the opposite. My fear of death is quite irrational but it certainly hits me once a while. It’s not the manner in which I die it’s the oblivion that unsettles me. What comes after death? It’s that nothingness that disturbs me. But on the more optimistic side, if reincarnation truly exists then I do not fear death at all! I would agree that your soul is indeed black as is mine. lol

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