The Cage

I’m locked in a cage with misery

for everyone in the crowd to please

I’m a suffering man with bounded hands

looking for only a second chance

I’ve got nothing to eat

no matter how many times I plead

I’m locked in a cage

and misery’s got a hold of me

it’s gripping my neck

stabbing my chest

I’m dripping in blood

dripping in sweat

but that’s not the worst

the worst hasn’t been met

They haven’t locked me up

with a lion’s thirst yet





2 thoughts on “The Cage

  1. BRILLIANT. Psychologucal. Have you ever submitted any of these anywhere? I know about the screenplay, but what about these? They truly are brilliant. You have a great mind


    1. Yes, I have submitted my work to many literary magazine but to be frank I have been rejected many times. That doesn’t stop me from writing though. I really appreciate your kind words. If my work moves or invokes some type of emotion in you then I must be doing something right. 😀 Thank You


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