Texas Chainsaw Massacre

You might think I’m crazy for saying this…

There’s something about the remakes (2006 and 2003; not the 2013 version) that I truly appreciate. I like these films in equal standard to or perhaps more than the masterful and original Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Yikes, there I said it.

Am I crazy? Perhaps, but I don’t care.

Maybe it’s the blood that I crave, but I think it’s got to do with more.

We know these dumb teenagers are all going to die, but it’s the anticipation: how are they going to die? When will they realize something’s wrong? 

That’s what keeps me on the edge.

There’s more than enough to appreciate in the original texas chainsaw massacre. It’s got a thrilling story, exceptional villains, a rawness and grit, and terrifying sound of the chainsaw.  Two scenes, in particular, I truly admire: 1) the scene at the dining table and 2) Leatherface’s dance with the chainsaw during sunset. Oh my, that lighting was fantastic. The mere essence of pairing an ugly sight( a crazed, masked killer) with a beautiful one (the sunset) is brilliant.

Now, the reason why I think the original is not without flaw revolves around one particular thing: the acting.

No, I do not refer to the phenomenal performances by Leatherface and his family. I am referring to teenagers.

The poor performances of the teenagers completely took away some of the film’s rawness. The acting was just sooooo bad  that it hindered my ability to immerse completely into the film. I knew I was watching a fabricated world.

Cringe-worthy is the perfect word to describe their acting.

Now, as for the remakes, I could immerse myself and truly felt the character’s fears because the (teens) acting fared better. I appreciate these films for doing so much right with the story.

Sheriff Hewitt is fantastic, a very interesting character.  I was terrified of him. I was terrified of Leatherface too.

The original is masterful in its own right, but it’s not without flaw.

That being said, we revisit the prospect of me being crazy because I still claim the original is one of my top favorites.
















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