The Visitors

When you hear a knock at your door

loud bangs trying to unsettle your calm

I suggest you not stand there long

take your legs and run fast upstairs

Speed it up or soon you’ll become theirs

Don’t look back

cause they will act

like they need your help

but they need it not

they wreak of insidious thoughts

a simple glance at their misfortune

will entice you to stay

they will ask for some coins

befriend you

and then cook your loins





8 thoughts on “The Visitors

      1. I don’t know quite what came out of my louns because once out, it ran FAST. And it is hiding somewhere in the house. Maybe in the cavity walls. I fear it might come out and get us at Christmas. I will keep you posted, IF possible.

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      2. Well, I didn’t really know it was there. I just thought it was indigestion from too many curries. I have no idea how it got there, or how long it had been gestating. But I sure don’t wa t it back. Oh wait…….it might have a twin. Oh noooooooo

        Liked by 1 person

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