A True Gentleman

First he’s going to take you out to dinner, order you a nice, juicy steak and rub on your legs underneath the table as he finishes your sentences.

Next he’ll follow with a desert of your choice though you’ll take too long to decide so he’ll choose for you, feeding you his love with a warm, pumpkin pie.

Your hands will clutch as you watch the stars dance for you.

He’s a gentleman in every way and he’ll massage your shoulders as he leaves a trail of sweet kisses on your back.

He’ll rip off your blouse, to get a good look of what you’re made of.

But he couldn’t care less.

He’s not picky like the rest of them. That’s why you’re so into him.

Last he’s going to caress your neck as his fangs crawl deep into your soft flesh.

I forgot to warn you.

He’s one of those bloodsuckers.

Yes, I know this really sucks.

Your system drained out of all its blood.

6 thoughts on “A True Gentleman

    1. He was gentle at first. What came next was horrifying. I don’t think you know what it feel likes when you system runs out of blood. It’s quite a slow and terrifying process. At least with a chainsaw you die in an instant. Well, I guess it depends on what part of your body gets it…


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