Don’t Move

breathe in

breathe out

I must conquer my breathing

If left uncontrolled, the wind will pick it up

That is not a good thing, for the wind is the enemy

Breathe in

Breathe out

That vicious breeze plays with my hair

floating around and then stomping uninvitedly on my head

Oh, the sun does its work too

stimulating the streams of sweat that flow through my body

one drop from my forehead travels down reaching my legs, my feet

then it finds the hard, hot surface

making its way past a window

a series of windows

down it goes one story after another

until it reaches the pavement

it made its way down from the skyscraper safely

and it looks up at me

wishing it could say the same for me

but I stand on the edge of the roof

I don’t know how I got here

but I know it’s best not to move

for my feet are planted hard

and the sun went down

I suspect a storm is coming

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