Cinderella and Prince Charming

Can you really believe someone has asked me out?

I never imagined this moment would come so soon.

Why, I’m only sixteen.

Really, it’s the sweetest thing.

And I thought I would be forever alone, grasping my pillow under the moonlight, screaming my sorrows away.

Yes, this pillow was the only thing in the world comforting me both physically and mentally, housing my most intimate secrets.

That is no longer the case!

Someone has asked me out and I won’t be late.

How, I twirl under the sun.

I button my pink dress that hugs me so tightly.

I dance in my room as it transforms into a ball room.

I put on that bloody red lipstick.

Red lips have never looked so good on a girl.

Hair so long adorned with the yellowest of bows.

I paint those little toes and put on those glass slippers, for today I am Cinderella.

I hope my attire is appropriate, surely he would love it.

Finally I’m here, right in front of my lover.

How long I have waited for this very moment.

His dark eyes so alluring.

They caress my soul.

His fingers so cute and long.

His figure slim and muscular.

His claws so seductive.

His tail so intriguing.

Those fangs can nibble on my soft skin forever and ever.

He is the devil, and the devil loves me! Forever and ever!





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