Happy Death Day

listen dear

did you not hear

that death is near

its never been so clear

so let’s have a beer

to celebrate and cheer

for death is near

it’s truly finally here

just close your eyes

let us not fear


5 thoughts on “Happy Death Day

  1. When death is near
    No amount of beer
    Is going to help you cheer
    So it is clear
    The death is fear
    Hear or don’t hear
    Fear or don’t fear
    You will be gone
    And people will shed the tear
    And forget you within a year.

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  2. Happy death day.
    But whose command the death shall follow
    Bound to no one
    It takes its own decision
    So shall it take
    Its own course
    And may re bound
    Just for the fun of it
    Just whispering a tale
    No one wants to hear.🤐

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