Left Out

these days I’m always feeling left out

despite all the effort I put in

don’t know if I should stay silent or shout

guess they just forget to invite me in

but I’ll take care of this, without a doubt

so I won’t be feeling this kind of left out

I caress myself

wrap my arms around my body

gently sway back and forth

give myself a hug

give myself a spin

I begin to twist

The hug getting tighter

My arms squeeze my body

tighter and tighter

my bones cracking

ligaments tearing

blood overflowing

still my arms work

gripping even tighter

my hands grab my torso

making their way to my shoulders

now they reach my mouth

they crawl deep inside

my tongue encouraging this

propelling down my throat

my torso makes its way too

also my legs

my feet

It’s kinda funny now

I won’t be left out

for I’ll be left in



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