7 Signs Your Roommate is a Psychopath

If this sounds all too familiar, Get Out.

  1. She knows where you’re going or where you’ve been, and you don’t recall telling her.
  2. Whenever you use the home phone you hear heavy breathing on the other line.
  3. Though she’s always in your business, you figure you know little about her.
  4. She never sleeps: you find her rummaging around the apartment late at night.
  5. She was cat sitting. And now your cat has mysteriously disappeared.
  6. She has strange scars all over her body.
  7. You find similar scars on YOUR body.

10 thoughts on “7 Signs Your Roommate is a Psychopath

  1. You may be right. The disturbing part is that she was living in my house and I didn’t even know that. One night I woke up from my sleep and saw her sitting in front of me in the chair patting my Cat which was dead four months ago. The police said that my cat committed suicide but I have my doubts.

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