Nosy People

I don’t like them, not one bit.

The next door neighbor that hides behind his transparent window drapes. Does he not realize I can see his big stupid face? His big nose.

The boys and girls that gathered around at the cafeteria, that one time when I punched Cindy right on the nose. Her big nose. Their big noses.

That girl Bethany always asking about my boyfriend. As if he would even like her big nose.

The aunt that always throws you an interrogation in front of everyone only to finally conclude that she had you all wrong. Her big nose.

The co-worker always asking if you have plans Friday night when he clearly knows you have a boyfriend. His big nose.

So I make a list with all of their names.

And cross them out when it’s finally done.

When my cold blade scrapes off that big nose from their nosy stupid faces.

I think they look better this way, don’t you?




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