Your Darkest Secret–yet

What is it that you hide under your nonchalant expression?

Why are your hands with a tint of maroon?

And those eyes, it looks likes you haven’t slept for days, hell, even years.

What have you been hiding in your basement?

The neighbors listen intently to the desperate screams spilling into the night.

But when the cops show up, all you say is  it’s a misunderstanding.

You jerk around the room with paranoia.

What is it that you’ve done?

And you glance out the window searching for forgiveness.

But it’s not there; it left a long time ago.

Frustrated, you go back into the basement to face that abominable secret you’ve been keeping to yourself.

A little boy lies on the floor, almost cradling like a crescent moon.

And if it wasn’t for all that blood you might have mistaken that for a young boy’s nap. 

But then it all sinks in.

You killed him and despite little regret, you would do it all over again.

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