Unconditional Love

Oh, how I love my love.

To him, I am a white dove.

Anything for him, cater to him.

Oh, how I love being in love.

Anything he asks, it is a simple task.

Yes, tie your shoes. Get rid of your blues.

Dress you with style. Make your heart smile.

Oh, how I love my love.

What say he?

Get down on one knee?

Cut off my arm? That is my charm.

Slit my wrist? What else on the list?

Give me your kisses then rip me to pieces.

Stab me in the chest. That is what you do best.

Shove me to the door. I collapse to the floor.

I’ll jump to my grave

and you must save me.

For if you don’t,

real terror, you will know,

give you a good scare and tug at your hair.

For I will haunt you till your last days.

So listen close. You hear what I say?

Oh, how I love my love.

Will you not stay?


(Again, shout out to the lovely Thought for Change. Her post “The Rose in my Heart” which deals about pain, love, and blood are thematic elements that I borrowed to make one of my very own poems)



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