My go-to Cannibal Films

  1. Texas Chainsaw Massacre  The 2003 and 2006 films are really good. I loved the original (1978). The only flaw was the acting. The villains were phenomenal though. The original doesn’t have that much gore if you really look at what’s going on. The chainsaw never once pierces the flesh! We are only tricked to thinking what’s going on. Now, that’s the power of the mind. As for the remakes, the gore never stops! As a horror fan, I still cringe as I casually watch a human face be severed but that’s not why I’m watching the film. It’s about how it all unravels, and Sherrif Hoyt is truly a terrifying gem. You can hate on these films all you want, but you got to give Hoyt the credit for scaring the hell out of you, maybe even more so than Leatherface himself.
  2. The Hills Have Eyes (2006)  If you like TCM, there’s no doubt this one is also for you. Here, we see a family terrorized by another family– A cannibalistic fam.  Again, like TCM, this film is so great because we come to understand who these cannibals are, their way of life, etc…  (Um, not that I have sympathy because I don’t.) They are not simply lurking in the shadows, hiding their personalities, and shrouded in mystery. We actually enter their world. And let me tell you, once entered, there is no way of going back. You are scarred for life.
  3. Wrong Turn (2003) In this film we follow a group of friends get preyed one by one by cannibals living in the forest.  If you can’t handle the gore, don’t watch it. The gore is not everything though. I can promise that there’s a lot of suspense here. So, no it’s not only the gore that makes this film scary. There’s more to it.  As for my appreciation for the rest of the films in the wrong turn series, it just goes downhill after the first. But if you appreciate the gore, maybe more so than I, by all means, go ahead, get your gore on!

Any other suggestions?

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