13 thoughts on “Mad

      1. Dracula 1990 though Exorcist was fantastic too.
        The devil’s advocate was also one fine one.
        The shining, nightmare on elm street series were all good too.

        I have special place for vampires and warewolves.

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      2. I need to see Dracula. I saw Exorcist, yes it was scary. I have yet to watch the devil’s advocate. I saw the shining (excellent film). Nightmare on elm street is on my watch list. I have a special place for the disturbing cannibal films. (I must be really crazy.)

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      3. I tried to watch Cannibal movies but not my cup of blood, I mean tea. So I also avoided watching hills have eyes, wrong turn or movies based on similar themes. Though nighmare on elm street also are gore movies but their concept it amazing.
        Okay I forgot to mention conjuring 2013.
        and You do watch dracula, Gary oldman is awesome.

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