The Talking Axe

“Pick me up,” it whispered to me.

Though only a whisper, my ears received like a destructive sound wave.

“Pick me up, and all your troubles will be far away.”

There it went again.

“Just think about the sweetest thing. I can bring that to you.”

How tempting. How odd. A talking axe? I thought.

“I know you love sweets. What kind of candy?” It didn’t stop.

I paused. Now I’m really going crazy.

Red Licorice awaits. All you have to do is pick me up.”

And so I did, just for a second.

Before I knew it I found myself indulging in the best licorice I had ever tasted in my life.

But then I opened my eyes to face the real madness.

A body lied in front of me, its stomach slashed open, guts slithering through my fingers.

And I couldn’t help but to close my eyes.

All I could think of was that ever so sweet red licorice.

7 thoughts on “The Talking Axe

      1. Go on then. I have just awoken from a horrible nightmare so I came into WP to try and calm down. I guess I might as well know lol


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