The Few Moments I Liked in Hereditary


  1. There’s something really stomach-turning when we watch Peter (Alex Wolff) lie on his bed as he listens to his parents’ hysterical screams when they find Charlie decapitated.
  2. When Peter looks at his reflection in class and sees his own grimace (and also when he bangs his head on the desk).
  3. The clucking sound Charlie (Milly Shapiro) makes(and the fact that Peter can hear her even after her passing).
  4. When Annie finds Peter ‘dead’ covered in flies. I really fell for that one.
  5. Toni Collette’s performance during her argument with Peter at the dinner table was phenomenal. (Wolff’s performance was great too).
  6. I really enjoyed watching Peter ’s emotional transformation. Clearly, Charlie’s death had a profound impact on him. And though I cringed at some of his acting moments (aka the car scene), in general, I thought he did great.
  7. Annie’s gradual path to insanity? ( This is by far the best element of the film).

In a future post, I will express how the film could have been better (obviously, my opinion is subjective).


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