The Clown

As I was treading along the forest I couldn’t help but notice it just standing there: A clown.
That, and it was grinning.

After I nervously chuckled, I waved goodbye.
And for some reason, I had the urge to tell somebody about this clown and his out-of-placeness.

I mean, it wasn’t even Halloween.
So when I arrived in the city, I stopped at the first house.

I rang the doorbell only to be welcomed by two other clowns and that same devilish grin.
So I scampered into an empty store, but everyone was gone–except the cashier who apparently was also one of them.

“How’s that makeup holding on?” he shouted.
I turned to the window to see my reflection, but I couldn’t believe my eyes.

All this time, I too had been a clown.

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