Deliver Us from Evil

Julia is a very beautiful, optimistic person. Every day she wakes to an inspirational quote, a strawberry-and-beet smoothie, and a dazzling smile on her tan freckled-face.
How can she be so perfect, one may ask?
No one knows exactly how she does it; she just does.
The way she struts along the hallways, the way her hips sway under that skin-tight red dress instantly unleashes a hypnotizing force causing all to gaze at her in synchrony even for just one small second.
Forget about the dress, I mean look at the hair!
A long, luscious blonde, so yellow and bright it might even make the sun jealous.
And when she finally speaks, it’s as if time itself stopped just to sit down and listen.
How is that everything that comes out of her mouth is so inspirational?
You might think so yourself, if she was standing right in front of you, ogling you down with those stars in her eyes–and she hasn’t even said a word to you!
But don’t be fooled.
She is a red monster, not from this world.
That wasn’t a strawberry smoothie; it was her morning blood juice.
Those weren’t freckles; they were the marks of hell.
The only reason that dress is a vibrant red is because it has been drenched in human blood since the beginning of time.
Don’t be fooled by the blonde hair.
It’s actually not that yellow. If you take a closer look you will realize it’s almost white, and that’s because that is the only remnant of her old age.
So next time you see this Julia don’t stop and stare.
You are looking straight at the devil himself!

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