Birthday Party

Jacob Robinson was turning 6 years old today.

All he asked for was a birthday party, but the thing was, he had no friends.

For everyone at school either bullied him or ignored him.

But his parents promised him a birthday party, and they were willing to do anything to give him one, especially with guests.

And so they bought all the balloons they could find at the dollar store along with party hats and bought a  birthday cake from the town’s most cherished bakery.

But no one showed up.

His parents became frustrated because they had gone out of their way to send out invitations all around town, even to the despised Miller family.

So Jacob sat in his room, waiting for his parents to call him.

But they didn’t. How could they? They stood in the kitchen with empty plates, empty chairs– a terrifying emptiness.

And all Jacob could think about was the dread of spending another birthday alone.

And so they waited and waited, but still, no one came.

Every time they heard a car, neighbor, or dog pass, their faces lit with excitement, but to their disappointment, none were the invited guests.

They sighed in the silence of the room.

But then came a marvelous idea–at least in their desperate minds.

“Call them in,” said Dan Robinson.

“I already did,” Ashley Robinson said with a radiating smile.

They switched off the lights and lit up some candles.

They opened all the windows and doors and waited until they felt a sharp, cold breeze brush past them.

They watched as a series of black footprints approached the dining table stopping at chairs.

Some were large, some tiny.

And startled they became when all the chairs moved at once!

 Then the apparitions manifested, one by one.

First, it was a middle-aged woman wearing a black fedora.  All she said was, “Thank you for the invitation.”

Second, were twin brothers wearing the same red and white striped t-shirt. “So kind of you,” they muttered as they made themselves comfortable.

Third, came a gentle giant. He was so tall yet so apologetic as he ducked under the door frame to fit into the room.  “So sorry to cause a ruckus. You see, these houses are not built for a fellow of my size.”

Fourth, came a little girl and in a gentle whisper sang, “Happy Birthday,” as she skipped past the Robinsons to the fridge to take out the birthday cake.

Last, came Jacob.

And they all sang Happy Birthday as he trotted down the stairs.

What a wonderful start of a birthday, he thought.


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