Favorite Ghost?

Yes. The girl that watches over you as you sleep but never makes a peep. As a matter of fact, she’s been living with you for years, but she’s never made her presence known. She is more scared of you than you are of her–that’s if, you even knew she existed.
And she wanders around listening to the dinner conversations and house parties.

Then, there’s the small boy. Ah, this one likes to make his presence known. All it takes is a giggle, and there you are propped in bed, not sure what to think.
You can’t see him at first, but then you squint your eyes in the darkness to find him sitting criss-cross applesauce under the desk.
He giggles again, and as you approach closer he dashes out the door, closing it abruptly.
All you can ask yourself is was this a dream?

There’s also the old woman’s footsteps you’ve been hearing every other night. Just when you grow the courage to check outside your room, you find it quiet and empty.
But you know it’s an old woman because once you finally manage to fall back asleep, she wakes you with a 50’s song. And you see her standing at the edge of your bed. Her smile is so kind, you almost want to speak to her, but you don’t. Instead, you hide under the covers until the song echoes in the far distance and then it’s gone.

Finally, there’s the man. You don’t know his age for he is too dark, and you can’t see his face.You think he’s faceless. But then sometimes you are able to discern red eyes lurking in the corner. And you know he must be tall because they lie right above the door frame.
You only see him when you’re anxious, weak, or depressed for that is the only thing he feeds off of.So the next time you face him, make sure to stay strong.

Now, you know what they mean when they say ignorance is bliss. Your favorite ghost is the one you will never know exists in your home.

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